Maxine X & Velvet Pt. 1
When I first met Velvet, I was already wet. That hot looking blonde was screaming for my tongue on her pussy (who was definitly dripping on the floor!) so we finally made it! Mmm, and it taste so Good!
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Maxine X & Velvet Pt. 2
To complete our wet pussies, we went in the hot tube for some pussy fucking with our cool didos. It didn't take so long for Velvet to squirt all over me!
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Maxine X & Velvet Pt. 3
We went inside the house but the boys weren't there, so we got in trouble ourselves with again, some hot toys! We couldn't wait for them so I started fucking Velvet's pussy and she like it sooo much! She's a fucking nasty MILF, heh!
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Maxine X & Velvet Pt. 4
Velvet managed to make me cum, but it wasn't long so I decided to make her cum too, again and again! She liked her pussy to get fuck, so I grabbed my strap on and started to slide between her legs!
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Maxine X & Velvet Pt. 5
We were too noisy so Scott heard us. He came and decided it was time to take his big dick, and stick it up my wet pussy. It was so good, I was licking Velvet's pussy in the same time.
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Maxine X & Velvet Pt. 6
We're so nasty! We still eat out our pussy and I still got fuck! But we were so hungry for cocks that we decided to suck that cock and make him cum!
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Maxine X & Velvet Pt. 7
Velvet got to suck a big cock while I was getting fuck from behind! That was an hellahut scene where we've got a lots of fun! We fucked cocks until they came on us! Hmm, that hot tasty cum on our bodies!
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Maxine X & Hottie Hollie
This hot fetish slut was up for some action with Maxine X so she get her hair pulled, dominated and slapped by her. She had that pussy dripping on the bed so I made her cum when I wanted it! After I used it, I put her back where she had to. ;)
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A Wet Afternoon
Andrea Jaxxx is just cumming by the pool when along comes the pool boy to catch her in the act! She knows that his big young cock is much better than her vibrator so she calls him over for some 'swimming lessons' while her kids are at school! This naughty MILF is sure to spend all afternoon getting wet!
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Playtime For Mommy
Stephanie Swing has a thing for younger men. While the kids are away, the mommy will play! She's invited her kids soccer coach over for a private lesson, so she can learn how to handle balls!
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Bailey's Boy -Toy
Bailey likes her men dark, hung, and young! This MILF goes coocoo for this studs coco puffs, and gets right to work licking and sucking on them! Who says red heads don't have more fun than blondes?!
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Cookie Time
This MILF is cooking up something in the kitchen, but it ain't wholesome! She's stashed her dildo in the cookie jar, because that's what she uses to play with her cookie! When the neighbor boy comes over, she's going to feed him her cookie too!
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How To Handle A Boner
This sexy MILF still knows how to keep her men hot and hard. She may be getting older, but that just means she knows how to handle a boner. Younger men have the stamina, and she's got the skills to keep them hard all night long!
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Well Done With Your Meat
The perfect day for a bbq, and things are really heating up! This sexy MILF needs a man around to get her fire started, and once this young stud gets her going there's no putting her out. She's going to make sure his meat is well, well done!
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Better With Age
This yummy mummy is in heat, and a hot mom like this should never be fixed! The hornier she gets, the harder she sucks on this young studs cock. As her tits jiggle like a lava lamp, you'll understand why so many things only get better with age!
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